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Physical Activity Program - Virgin Pulse

Lockheed Martin is partnering with Virgin Pulse, Inc. to offer a physical activity tracking tool designed to get you moving and help you reach your personal fitness goals. Virgin Pulse is a web-based resource that helps to motivate you to increase your daily activity, easily track and monitor your progress, and manage all of your fitness information

in one place. It provides the tools, information and tracking methods you need to start and/or maintain a personal program of regular physical activity. Most importantly, it makes fitness fun! You even have the opportunity to challenge your co-workers and spouses to friendly physical activity competitions.

Who Can Participate

  • All non-represented and represented benefit-eligible employees, including those on paid leave of absence. Eligibility is not determined by health plan selection. Employees and spouses/same-sex domestic partners do not need to be enrolled in the LM HealthWorks Plan or any other Lockheed Martin sponsored health plan to participate.  
  • Spouses and same-sex domestic partners.
  • The program is designed so that all employees, including those with certain types of disabilities, can still participate.
  • Retirees, child dependents and employees of PAE, Savi, Sandia, TCNs, and LCNs are not eligible to participate in the domestic program.

How It Works

  • Sign up. Sign up following the instructions under the "How to Enroll" section of this webpage and receive one free Max Activity tracker.
  • Download the software. You will need the Sync software or iOS/Android app installed prior to activating your device to upload your steps from your activity tracker. Employees should follow these instructions carefully - while connected to the Lockheed Martin intranet. Note: a reboot is required to activate the Sync software.

    Using your Lockheed Martin issued computer:

    1. Select: Start

    2. Type “Software Center” in the search programs and files box

    3. Select: Software Center

    4. Select: Virgin Pulse Sync v3.0.21-ENT: Install (T/BUI/K/CR)
    5. Select: Install

If you experience problems during the software installation on your LMC-issued computers, call the Lockheed Martin Service Desk at 1-800-435-7063 for assistance.

On your home computer:

To download the software on your home computer, visit www.virginhealthmiles.com/software. If you experience problems during the software installation on your home computer, call the Virgin Pulse Service Desk at 1-866-852-6603 or via email at lockheedmartin@virginpulse.com.

  • Activate your activity tracker. Once the Sync software is loaded, use the USB cord to plug-in you Max activity tracker and then get moving. Go for a run, walk the dog, play with the kids, dance — whatever activity you enjoy. Watch your steps add up.
  • Plug the activity tracker into your computer or sync the Max using an iOS or Android app, and upload your steps. You may also self-enter other activity information in your online Activity Journal.
  • Earn points. As your activity accumulates, you’ll earn points called HealthMiles.
  • Track your progress. From your personal, secure online tracking center, you can set goals, watch your HealthMiles add up, and move through different activity levels to a healthier you.

What Can You Earn

LM HealthWorks Plan Participants*

  • Employees can earn up to $600 ($100 at Level 2; $200 at Level 3; $300 at Level 4) and their spouses/same-sex domestic partners can earn up to $200 ($100 at Level 2; $100 at Level 3) in HealthFund credits to help their offset out-of-pocket medical costs. LM HealthWorks Plan members must also complete the Well-Being Assessment in order to receive this incentive.

Non-LM HealthWorks Plan Participants

    • Employees can earn up to $600 ($100 at Level 2; $200 at Level 3; $300 at Level 4) in taxable income in their paycheck. Spouses/same-sex domestic partners can enroll, receive a pedometer and participate in the program at no cost.

If you and your spouse/same-sex domestic partner are both Lockheed Martin employees, find out what rewards you are each eligible to earn depending on your situation.


How to Enroll


Spouses/Same-Sex Domestic Partners:

  • Lockheed Martin has a responsibility to accurately verify the authenticity of Virgin Pulse participants, regardless of health plan selection. If you would like to enroll your spouse/same-sex domestic partner in Virgin Pulse, please complete the following steps:
    • Visit the LM Employee Service Center Online (accessible via LM People) to identify your spouse/same-sex domestic partner's eligibility to participate in Virgin Pulse. Once you are on the LM Employee Service Center Online, click on My Life > Life Changes & Events > Physical Activity Spouse Elig and follow the instructions. Please note: Social Security Number is optional.
    • Go to www.virginhealthmiles.com/LMCSpouses and click Join Now to enroll your spouse/same sex domestic partner in Virgin Pulse. Please allow for eligibility file transfer time.

Activity Trackers & Security

Both the Max and GoZone activity tracker and Sync software provided by Virgin Pulse have been tested and approved by LM Corporate Information Security (CIS), the LM Desktop Council, and IT representatives from each of the Business Areas.

At certain secure/classified areas or at customer sites, the Sync software may not be permitted to be downloaded on to an LMC and/or customer-issued computer. In these cases, employees have the option to download the iSync software to a non-LMC, non-customer-issued computer and then upload their step data outside of the work environment. At certain secure locations, it may also be prohibited to wear an activity tracker due to site-specific security requirements.  Please contact your LM Security Representative for guidance. All employees should understand that the use of an activity tracker at these sites is contingent upon individual site approval.

Please note: If you purchase a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, FitBit or any other optional device through Virgin Pulse and are a Lockheed Martin employee, you are not permitted to use or sync the device with LMC-issued computers at this time.

More Information

*If you and your spouse/same-sex domestic partner are both Lockheed Martin employees and covered under the LM HealthWorks Plan, the employee who is listed as the Plan subscriber would be eligible to receive HealthFund incentives (up to $600). The employee listed as a spouse/same-sex domestic partner would be eligible to receive HealthFund incentives (up to $200).

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